General Information

About Us

In operation since 1996, The GreenAnt Network is a Melbourne based web services company offering affordable and secure email, storage and web services for individuals, community organisations and small businesses. We believe that our customers are the owners of their data and that email, data storage and website hosting should remain secure, reliable and free of advertising.

Security and Privacy

Wherever possible, we use open-source software and support open-source and GNU/free software developers. We also take internet freedom and privacy seriously and ensure that all documents are encrypted when passing between our users and infrastructure as well as encrypting our back end services whenever possible. No data is stored offshore.
Here is our philosophy on user privacy:
  • We do not share personal details with any third party nor use information to target advertising to users
  • All passwords and financial information is encrypted
  • We will inform users if a data breech occurs (this has not happened to date)
  • We do not track users or install cross-site cookies, cookies are used for persistent user sessions in some services where necessary but are not shared with third parties

Information Ownership and Security

Our servers and operations are located in Melbourne, Australia. Ownership of and responsibility for data, communications and meta-data remains with the account holders. In a nutshell, our customers own their data and decide who accesses it. If you decide to switch vendors, you can take your data with you.
With the exception of automated spam and virus filtering of email, we do not inspect or scan user data or communications. The spam and virus filtering we do does not pass data to a third party. Our server logs are deleted within a reasonable period of time; usually around one month. All of our data is backed up, but we cannot guarantee that we can recover a particular file or document.
If you'd like to read the fine print, here's our full Terms and Conditions.